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General Robert E. Lee of Virginia

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The Southern Party of Virginia wants to hear from you.

      The Southern Party of Virginia is interested in hearing what you think about us and certain issues. We will be collecting emails and posting them in a section on our website. Consider these questions when writing your message.

How do you feel about our Federal Government? Do you feel it is too powerful? Do you think it is carrying our country slowly into socialism? Do you feel it adequately represents it's people?

How do you feel about the Southland? How do you feel about Southern Heritage? How do you feel about States rights? What are your thoughts on Southern Independence?

Do you feel the Media distorts the truth about Southern History? Do you think certain politicians and groups like the NAACP unfairly lay blame for their problems on our Confederate symbols? Do you think they pit groups against each other for their own personal gain?

Do you support our cause?

Consider these thoughts carefully, we are seeking to hear from Virginians, but people from all locations are welcome to submit. Please send all emails to


Red Line

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