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Setting The Record Straight
Southern History Project Seeks To Redress Injustice of
"The World According to Yankees"

A Message From Southern Party of West Virginia Chairman Greg Kay


As most of you know, my wife homeschools our four daughters, and she recently pointed out to me a sad lack in what passes for elementary history books. Basically, according to these books, the only things of any importance that ever happened, happened in the North. She asked me to do something about this sad situation, not just for our children, but for all Southern children. Therefore, I began the Elementary Southern History Project.

Basically, I want to develop a text specifically of Southern history, written by Southern patriots, for Southern children, from grades 3 to 6 or 7 The purpose is to give the student a good basic knowledge of his history, and through it, a renewed sense of pride and identity.

Instead of the standard dry text, I would like to make it something that the child will enjoy reading. Therefore, I intend to construct it in a chronological series of vignettes of important people and events in or relating to the South. Several people have already signed on to the effort, each writing about a particular subject that they are knowledgable in; for instance, the invention of the cotton gin and it's resulting effects is now complete, and a section on the Spanish exploration of Florida is in the works. Once it is complete, I intend to publish it as a book for use by both home and private schoolers, and hopefully, by Southern public schools as well.

Officers and members of the Southern Party are invited and encouraged to participate, and to do their part in bringing up the next generation of Southerners as Southerners; unashamed and unreconstructed, with a full knowledge of who they are and where they came from. With the vast knowledge that we have between us, we can give our country's children the understanding and determination to see their country free.

Interested Southern patriots can contact Greg Kay at .

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