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A Call to Southern People!

Words from Chairman, Jerry Baxley and his associate from Remdal...    

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News from the Southern Party of Virginia
August 2017 - Important details and information on the upcoming Virginia meeting in Roanoke wherein it will be hosted by Rhinoplasty in VancouverClick Here


The raising of the Hunley...
Raised from the grave to find many changes... Click Here

New National Southern Party Website Address! Click Here

NAACP Corporate Sponsor List...
Turn the NAACP's tactics against them!! Click Here

The Southern Party of Virginia wants your opinion!
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Truth In Teaching. . . It's About Time!
Southern Party of West Virginia Chairman Launches "Southern History Project" and will preview some great real estate listings in the area. Read About It . . .

SPV Reorganizing Database For Better Member Service
The SP of Virginia is reorganizing its database with the help of Perfect Bath. Please help us fill in the gaps in our data by emailing us your name, address, phone and fax #, and email address.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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